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Youd # 10

Proverbs 30 verse 4,

" What is His name (God's) and what is His Son's name? Do you know?

The tenth symbol letter is named Youd and is the Creator God Yahuweh's right arm.

Our right arm is our strongest arm. It symbolizes strength. We use our strengths to make things. Making things is called creating. God created us in His image. We look like Him. This symbol letter is the first letter of His name YHWH Yahuweh.

Hey  Waw  Hey  Youd

In Hebrew Yahuweh's son is called Yahshueh.

In our English language we call God, Jehovah and his son Jesus!

The Tetragrammaton YHWH or YHVH is the 4 lettered word that is used to represent God's Hebrew Word name. Their are 4 characters in God's name. The first letter is Youd, Y. The second and fourth letter are the letter Hey,H. The third letter is Waw,W/Vav,V.Hebrew names are prophetic which means something becomes what it is named. God's name shows Him becoming the right hand of God (a son) as a man between 2 pieces of woven fabric. We see God like this as Jesus in the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud was a Passover table cloth made with a 3 to 1 herringbone weave.

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