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Hey # 5

Exodus Chapter 6 verse 3 says " I appeared unto Abraham, Issac and Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name the Lord YHWH I did not make myself fully known to them."

The Hebrew word HAWAH
means "to become"

The fifth symbol letter Hey is a piece of a fence. A fence is a boundary that keeps things separate. Wood fences keep animals separate. Nets are boundary fences to keep fish in. Our clothes are fabric boundary fences for our flesh. They keep us separate from each other. God created things to stay separate and in their boundaries.

The word Halleluyah is spelled with this letter. Halleluyah means praise YAH! God's Holy Spirit helps us praise God and pray to Him. Jesus baptizes His followers with the Holy Spirit. God's Spirit teaches us about God's boundaries. His boundaries are called His commandments or His will. When God says Yes or No to us, He is setting His boundaries. Obeying God's boundaries will keep us free from Sin and Satan. Praise is the way to thank Him!


The Hebrew word Hawah means " to become " it shows a Hebrew letter Waw between 2 Hebrew letter Heys. Hawah is part of God's Holy Tetragrammaton name. His Hebrew name is telling us who He is going "to become." It shows us God as a man between 2 pieces of fabic. Fabric covers our naked body. Fabric burial shrouds filled with flowers were used to cover bodies before being placed in graves. God's name Youd-Hey-Waw-Hey show's that He came to become the right hand man of God between the 2 pieces of fabric. The burst of light energy from the resurrection made the image of Jesus on the Passover table cloth that was used as his burial shroud. His image was captured in the very strings of the cloth for us to see.

2 sides
"front and back"
God was revealing who He was going "to become" through His name
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