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YHWH is Jesus!

God's name in Ancient Hebrew symbol letters show us who He is. The letters in his word name give us a definition of him.

The first letter of God's name starts with the letter Youd. Youd is the right arm with a closed hand. It means ownership.

The second letter Hey is a piece of a fence. A 3 rail fence or a 3 to 1 weave in fabric. Woven strings are fabric fencing.

The third letter in God's name is Waw and is a nail. Waw is the 6th letter of the Alef Bet and represents a man. It is the shape of his male gender chromosome. When a man marries his wife he has the male part that connects them together.

The fourth and last letter of God's name is another Hey.

This picture word shows us a Waw or man between 2 pieces of fabric weaving. So if we put these meanings together we get God's prophetic message to us about who He is...The right hand of God (right hand man is the first born son)As a man between 2 pieces of fabric. Where have we seen a God like that? We see a God like that in the resurrected image of Jesus Christ on the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin was a Passover table cloth with a 3 to 1 herringbone weave. The Word of God, this word YHWH became flesh and dwelt among us.

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