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Hebrew contains God's Personal Testimony

In Ancient Hebrew everything about Jesus the messiah (Yahshueh) interconnects like puzzle pieces. Its alphabet letters are in an order for a reason. That reason is that they portray God's plan perfectly. Everything in Hebrew has a meaning. Numbers, animals, plants, metals, word phrases, place names, ages of people or lengths of time all have inter-woven meanings. 

Dalet # 4
HAWAH means to BECOME! It's part of Gods Ancient Hebrew Name

Hebrew words have the chemistry language in them. Water in English is H20. The Hebrew word for water is Mayeem. It has 2 Mems and 1 Youd

Hebrew is the DNA of the Gospel. To change it to make it easier for us to understand would change a piece of God's truth so that it will no longer say the same thing. Adding to God's Gospel or taking away from it is forbidden! That would create another Gospel.

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