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The Gospel of Jesus is in the Alef Bet letters


The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet is called the Alef Bet after its first 2 letters. Hebrew reads from right to left. It reads in the opposite direction from English. Their are 22 symbol letters in Ancient Hebrew. The Ancient Hebrew alphabet is also called Paleo Hebrew or Phonecian style Hebrew. It was used at the time of King David and his son Solomon.

Ancient Hebrew was based on the original language that God the creator gave to man. You can read about it in Genesis chapter 11. People were building the Tower of Babel in disobedience to God. So God changed their one and only language into many languages. This made them move away from each other to other parts of the earth. This language can be found on rocks, pottery pieces and in books and scrolls. Its letter shapes can still be found today in the letters of our English alphabet.

Alef and Bet turn upside down and backwards

into our English letters

A and b.

The original letter shapes can still be seen in languages like Greek and Latin

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