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Raysh # 20

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 26 and 27 say, " God said let us make man in our image and in our likeness and let them have dominion..."

The twentieth letter symbol Rash is a profile of the head of a man. A standing man.  God made man in His image. Man was made to be a friend of God and to rule over the creation. Man is suppose to help God by serving Him. Man was given authority or headship over the animals. They were made to serve him. In the Torah, the Hebrew scrolls of the Bible. God compares some people to animals, since they make their choices the way that animal does. God wants man to act like Him. To use his mind and think the way God thinks. Acting like God is honoring Him. God sent His son, Jesus to become our King and teach us how to be like Him. When we act like Jesus we are becoming " made in His image."

John 1 verse 12

But to all who believed in Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God.

Bet and Raysh spell Bar which means a mature son.
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