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Tet # 9

Satan attacks our

moral compass direction

Genesis 3 verse 1 says, " Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field that the LORD God had made and he said unto the woman "Yeah, hath God said You shall not eat from every tree of the garden?"

The ninth symbol letter,Tet, is a serpent surrounding the Tav cross. The circle is the serpent. It is attacking and over turning the cross. The serpent is trying to unbalance the Tav and cause it to go another way. The serpent's way instead of God's way. The cross letter Tav, is the last letter in this alphabet. Tav is a symbol letter sign for an agreement. We sign by the X sign.  X ______________. God made an agreement with the first woman, Eve. He told her that He would save her from the serpent. God said He would do this by giving her a son in her family that would smash the serpents head for attacking them. We call this serpent Satan. We call this son God promised our Savior or our Messiah. We know Him personally as Yashueh Hamashiach or Jesus the Christ!

I Agree with this covenant

The word SATAN in Ancient Hebrew is spelled with the Hebrew letters Sheen Tet & Noon

Noon    &     Sheen
spell Sin!
Noon         Tet           Sheen
spell Satan

Jesus is our savior from sin and Satan. Genesis 3 verse 15 says,

" I will make you and the woman enemies and her children will fight with your children you will bite her child's foot but He will crush your head..."

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