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The first Hebrew alphabet letter is Alef. This letter is used for the name of the first man, Adam. The man Adam was split into 2. The man Waw/Vav # 6 and the woman Tav # 22. This is shown in this letter.

 # 1 Alef


All Hebrew letters are geometrically designed from a star by their creator YHWH.



# 22 is Tav, Eve's letter and # 6 is Waw/Vav, Adam's letter

 Alef is also symbolic for a Bull's head. In Bible times, bulls, oxen and cows were used for farm work and for food sacrifices. Adam and Eve sinned against God by disobeying Him in the Garden of Eden. God sent them out after He killed an animal and put its skin on them for clothing, to cover their nakedness. That was the first animal sacrifice. After this the story of Adam and Eve's sin was written on the sacrificed animals skins. In Hebrew these "sin skins" are called Torah scrolls.

Leviticus 8 verse 14 says, " Then Moses presented the Bull for a Sin offering. Aaron and his sons put their hands on its head..."

1 Samuel Chapter 15 verse 22 says " What is more pleasing to the Lord your burnt offerings and your sacrifices or your obedience to his voice. Listen obedience is better then sacrifices..."

This animal sacrificial system was only a temporary solution for the situation that Adam & Eve had gotten themselves into. These animal sacrifices were only a substitute. The real solution to their problem was going to be the fulfilling of the promise that God made to them when He spoke to Eve and said that He would give her a seed( a seed is a son) that would overcome the enemy. That promised seed-son is called the savior or the messiah, since He is coming to save them! A promise in Hebrew is called an " Oath." God's Hebrew word "Oath" means a promised sign to come. The words that spell Oath are Alef, Waw and Tav. Together they show us a symbol word story. That story is, Alef the sacrifice, is nailed (the Waw) to the cross, the Tav! That is the story of Jesus being crucified on the cross!

Tav  Waw  Alef

Jesus was taken before the priests and examined. He was found to be without fault. They put their hands on Him and placed their sins on Him. He was then crucified. He was treated just like Alef, the sacrificial ox!

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