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Lamed # 12

John Chapter 10 verse 11

"I AM the good shepherd, I know my sheep and they know me..."

The twelfth symbol letter Lamed is a shepherd's staff. A shepherds staff symbolizes languages and learning through communication. A staff is a wooden stick used to train animals with. Animals understand and communicate with sounds and body movements.

We use our tongues to make sounds. We use our hands, arms and legs to make body movements. A shepherd makes sounds and body movements together at the same time to communicate with his animals and teach them to obey Him. We are told by God to obey His Son Yahshueh, Jesus. His son is our shepherd He leads us by His example. If we follow Jesus, He calls us His sheep. Jesus said His sheep know His voice and they won't follow after another shepherd. Obedience is the behavior that shows God's sheep.

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