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Gimel # 3

1 Peter Chapter 5 verse 5

"...All of you clothe yourselves with humility towards each other, because God opposes the proud and shows favor to the humble"

The third symbol letter is Gimel the head of a camel. Camels are big strong servant animals that help their master by carrying His burdens. A camel has to bend down on its knees so his master can put his stuff on its back. Bending down is called bowing. Bowing down is a body language that says, " I will help you do what you are asking me to." God's friends bow down before Him and talk with Him about how they should help Him. Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Our burden for God is to take His story called the "Good News of the Gospel of Salvation" to those who haven't heard about Him. Then God can save them too.

His personal testimony is our message!

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